MVP Votes Round 8 @ St. Kilda

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Kieran Tierney is my dad
Mar 21, 2017
The absolute middle of nowhere
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Arsenal, Scorchers, Glory, Wildcats
All due respect, Hurn!?

Would've been one of our worst tonight
25 touches @ 88% and 9 marks. He got beaten one on one a few too many times but he still played well.

With all due respect, you’ve given Vardy a vote when he was one of our worst.

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Club Legend
Sep 17, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
5 Cripps
4 Gov
3 Sheed
2 Gaff
1 Venables

Tricky one to give votes for.

Best Crippa game since Magpies, Gov was crucial down back. Gaff is back on the outside going for runs and disposing much better, Sheed had a couple of howlers but really solid inside outside game and hit the scoreboard and Venners may have had his best 4 quarter effort ever.

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Club Legend
Aug 1, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
5. Shuey - Just seemed to be our most composed. Clearance work was good.
4. Sheed - Plays better as an IM.
3. Ryan - Please teach Vardy and NN how to mark.
2. Cripps - Return to form
1. Gov

HM: Yeo, Venables
DM: Duggan, Darling, Schofield

Wet Toast Rule

All Australian
Apr 18, 2006
5. Ryan - best game of the year, and the only one who could take a contested mark
4. Cripps - much, much better; Back to near his best
3. Shuey - clean, smart
2. Yeo - grunt but can be sloppy
1. Venables - best game of the year for him, better signs

HM: JK for his 3rd quarter, Sheed ok but no defensive pressure, Gov good finish

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