MVP Votes v Carlton - Round 9, 2024

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Please give out 12 votes to all of the best players in this game in your opinion in any fashion you like. Maximum 12. Minimum 12.

You can award a negative set (won't be counted) in addition to a positive set if you want to vent. You have 3 days to vote.

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I need to get back to being punctual with this again.

Votes v Carlton - Round 9, 2024
113 votes/15 - Christian Petracca
29 votes/13 - Alex Neal-Bullen
18 votes/9 - Steven May
9 votes/7 - Caleb Windsor
4 votes/4 - Ed Langdon
4 votes/3 - Jack Viney
2 votes/2 - Trent Rivers
1 vote/1 - Tom Sparrow

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