MVP Votes v Fremantle - Round 12, 2024

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2024 Positivity Tour: Currently re-enacting the ending of Back to the Future III

...I'm not gonna get anyone voting this week, am I.

Please give out 12 votes to all of the best players in this game in your opinion in any fashion you like. Maximum 12. Minimum 12.

You can award a negative set (won't be counted) in addition to a positive set if you want to vent. You have 3 days to vote.

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I didn't really see the game, but i still want to give out votes. The consensus here seems like Tmac was one of the few that had a go along with Langdon so

6 Tmac
6 Langdon
Wanted to give no one a vote , but out of respect for Footyguy13 plucked these 4 out of the barrel .
4 - T-Mac
4 - langdon
2 - Gawn
2 - Pickett
when harry met sally ill have what shes having GIF

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Shout out to the Melbbourne Demons YouTube channel for not putting out the "All The Goals" video this week.

Also, shoutout to everyone who voted this week, have this instead.

Round 12, 2024 v Fremantle
64 votes/10 - Tom McDonald
26 votes/7 - Ed Langdon
12 votes/4 - Kysaiah Pickett
9 votes/4 - Max Gawn
9 votes/2 - Christian Petracca

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