MVP Votes v Hawthorn

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Jan 16, 2004
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Storm - Victory
The votes!!

Josh Walker - 90 votes. Top game Josh. Hasn't looked out of place at all, and was a rock last weekend. He's not Hunter but he fills the hole Scotty left quite well. Here's to many more votes Josh.
Goldy - 55 votes. At some point we will run out of superlatives. He is a ruckman and leads the comp for clearances.
Higgo - 41 votes. Higgo is starting to build into the season. Probably takes some adjustment with Cunners out but he's getting into it. Led our score involvements too. A bit like Browny in that his last few seasons have started slowly and built really well.
Taz - 29 votes. Finally starting to get the recognition he deserves from the rest of the comp too. Just in time for Josh to come along and hog all the glory. We love your work Taz.
Jyza - 12 votes. Breakout season or what? Over 20 disposals every game this season, and the quarters are 20% shorter. All the stuff we heard about him as a kid is starting to come together (skill and endurance) and he's growing a mature young man with leadership written all over him. Get on him for the Brownlow.
Jedly - 6 votes. But for that shocking miss it could have been a match winning game. He is another rock and if you ever went to war you'd want him with you.
LMac - 4 votes. Deserved more too. Really coming on this year. Putting together a great season so far.
Curtis 3 votes, Haydos got 1. Both these kids are great too. They may be the best of our young crop (depending on whether Jy counts as part of it,) cos they both have class and appear to have worked hard off field to make the most of it.

5 - Josh Walker.
4 - Todd Goldstein.
3 - Shaun Higgins.
2 - Robbie Tarrant.
1 - Jy Simpkin.
No no no! LMac did not deserve more. No votes in any media - correctly. Not in our best six any media - correctly. No coaches votes - correctly. Played ok - not in the best.

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