MVP Votes vs Crows

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Sep 20, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
3. Jed
2. Goldy
1. Hall

Very HM to LMac. Didn't give him a vote because playing loose in the backline in a game where there is very little pressure from the opposition is probably as easy as it gets. Still played a really strong game.

Another very HM to Maj. Did a hell of a lot more than just get on the park.

HMs to our young guns - LDU, McKay, Scott, Haydon, Taylor, and Bonar. All did at least a few good things and did exceptionally well for a group with about 70 games between them. Taylor only 6 possessions but two of the best handballs you will ever see after winning the ball in heavy traffic.

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Jul 24, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Votes finally.

Jedly - 120 votes. Top game from Jed. He is a weapon.
LMac - 116 votes. Top game from Luke. Crows are his bunnies tho.
Goldy - 68 votes. Ho hum another top three performance on the field.
There were 15 other votes in total, spread among seven other players. Those three were easily our best.
Aaron Hall - 7 votes. Really improved over the last three weeks too.
Maj and Josh Walker two votes each, Josh maybe lucky one poster won't vote for our best player, Maj just lucky all round. Welcome back big fella.
Frog, Jasper, Kyron and LDU all picked up a vote, may as well consider it an HM fellas you all played well.

5 - Jed Anderson.
4 - Luke McDonald.
3 - Todd Goldstein.
2 - Aaron Hall.
1 - Majak Daw.
1 - Josh Walker.


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Jul 24, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Here is the leaderboard after 10 of 17 games.

Todd Goldstein - 29.
Jy Simpkin - 20.
Luke McDonald - 18.
Josh Walker - 18.
Jared Polec - 10.
Robbie Tarrant - 8.
Jed Anderson - 7.
Shaun Higgins - 7.
Ben Cunnington - 5.
Curtis Taylor - 5.
Trent Dumont - 4.
Aaron Hall - 3.
Cam Zurhaar - 2.
Majak Daw - 1.
Kyron Haydon - 1.

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