MVP Votes vs Geelong - Rd 5, 2021

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 24, 2011
AFL Club
North Melbourne
3 Cunners.
2 atley.
1. Jz. Busted his ass but sheesh he picked out Henderson and biclavs about 7 times bombing it out of defence. What I would give if he could lower his eyes....
Fwiw BMAC was solid as a rock with great support from bonar. Taylor good when came on.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 6, 2011
AFL Club
North Melbourne
3. Ben10. Just wow, best game in two years. Outstanding.

2. Captain Jack. Better and better each week. Was a rock, outstanding game.

1. Kanye. Hold Selwood for most of the game had a big bearing on the final score.

Rob in Cologne

Bring back LT
Jan 27, 2009
AFL Club
North Melbourne
3 Cunners
2 McKay
1 Young

Honourable mentions - Campbell, Goldy, Stepho, Bonor and Jack.
The kids are gelling.
Excellent performance as a team. Noble deserves a lot of credit. Umpires were shocking. Duncan misses 2 for choosing to bump Hall, who was playing very well. Umps can have two off too.

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