MVP Votes vs Geelong - Rd 5, 2021

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Sep 16, 2001
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I like McKay as best because he towelled up the best in the game. If Cunners was on Dusty Martin and did the same I would have Cunners at number one rather than at number two where I had him yesterday.

I think on ballers get away with no one knowing how their direct opponent is playing. A full back has no where to hide.


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Jul 6, 2006
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3 - Cunners, good to see him back up to beast mode
2 - McKay, getting better and better, can't wait to see him and Taz destroying some more egos out there.
1 - Bonar, it's been a slow burn but he is starting to come good.

Don't care what kind of sh*t Hall has copped in the past, he is playing some bloody good footy atm. If Ziebs had of hit him like that he would have copped 6 weeks. What will a Geelong player get? Feet off the ground causing concussion.

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Jul 24, 2015
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Had no internet last night. Not looking good for the game today either. So here are the votes finally.

Cunners - 115 votes. What a first half. And he is still getting match fit I reckon.
Buckets - 49 votes. Gee this kid is building an impressive resume. Top game again.
Aiden Bonar - 38 votes. Its great to see Aiden finding his feet. Has some pace, a nice kick and can really lock a player down.
JZ - 27 votes. Reinvented himself and playing great footy. Love seeing it.
Stevo - 5 votes. Just kept Ats out of the votes. Someone check the counting!!!
Ats - 4 votes. 1 for each headlight? Nah, well deserved. Even when he plays well no one takes any notice.
Jy - 3 votes. Probably deserved more but was overshadowed by Cunners and the great work down back.
Kayne Turner - 2 votes and did a great job on Sookwood. The commentators were complaining about him with minutes of the first bounce. Top work.
Atu, Lachie Young and Tom Campbell got a vote each.

5 - Ben Cunnington.
4 - Ben McKay.
3 - Aiden Bonar.
2 - Jack Ziebell.
1 - Jaidyn Stephenson.

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