MVP Votes vs GWS


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Jul 6, 2006
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3. Anderson, was an absolute bull. His repeat efforts are unbelievable and his field kicking spot on
2. Thommo, stopped numerous attacks and set up smartly
1. Thomas, silk

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Jul 24, 2015
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Okay finally.

Jed - 3 votes.
Thommo - 2 votes.
Taz, Marley and TT 1 each.

Haven't watched the replay and couldn't seperate those 3 after the game. Tarryn is probably lucky to be in there cos he always makes a good early impression.


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Jul 24, 2015
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Votes time. Quick and easy this week.

Taz - 41 votes. Stopped Jeremy Cameron. Dunno what else to say. What forward can beat this guy when he is on?
Marley - 26 votes. He was unreal. Our defenders were really noticeable this week. Marley is a gun and after games like that one its easy to see why he was so high in the Syd when he did his back a couple of seasons ago.
Jed - 25 votes. Well I said he needed to stand up and he did. If I ever went to war I'd like to go with Jed on my side.
Hunter - 24 votes. Yet again showed why he is so good. I thought he was the best of our backs personally but Marley was pretty damn good and you can't argue with Robbie Tarrant's amazing job on the Coleman leader. Who wants this guy gone next year? Hang your head.
Tarryn Thomas - 7 votes. This kid certainly has something. I really hope he has a long and successful career with us cos it will be so good to watch.
Ats and Kanye - 3 votes each. Hasn't Kayne come on now he can play naturally?
JZ - 2 votes and quieter this week but not on his own. It was tough in the midfield and he did well.
LMac and LDU - the Lukes did okay this week too. Lmac is really coming on as a defender and I thought at some point LDU just went "fu** it I'm taking these campaigners on" and really started holding his own in the packs.

5 - Robbie Tarrant.
4 - Marley Williams.
3 - Jed Anderson.
2 - Scott Thompson.
1 - Tarryn Thomas.


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Jul 24, 2015
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The leaderboard coming into the bye:

Ben Cunnington - 35.
Shaun Atley - 20.
Jed Anderson - 19.
Jack Ziebell - 18.
Robbie Tarrant - 16.
Cameron Zurhaar - 12.
Shaun Higgins - 11.
Jared Polec - 11.
Trent Dumont - 7.
Todd Goldstein - 7.
Jasper Pittard - 7.
Ben Brown - 6.
Bailey Scott - 5.
Jy Simpkin - 5.
Aaron Hall - 4.
Marley Williams - 4.
Luke Davies-Uniacke - 2.
Nick Larkey - 2.
Tarryn Thomas - 2.
Scott Thompson - 2.
Kayne Turner - 2.
Mason Wood - 2.
Jamie Macmillan - 1.
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