MVP Votes vs St Kilda


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Jul 24, 2015
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First and last votes for a while but let's hope not for the season itself.

Cunners - 149 votes. A dominant, match winning second half of footy after an average start.
Goldy - 98 votes. Vintage Goldy. Endurance, clutch marks, handball skills that are elite. Great game.
Jy - 96 votes. If this were a normal season people would be starting to sit up and take notice already. Only 2 games (we wish) in but playing great footy. He took responsibility for things in this game.
Poles - 9 votes. Ran all day, was seemingly everywhere, tackled hard too. Whatever else the talk about him being soft was it was wrong.
Young Curtis Taylor - 7 votes. When the game neended to be turned around he was there. We wouldn't have won without him. Clutch player when we needed it. That kick to Froggy in the third (Ats should have gaoled) was incredibly good under real pressure.
JMac - 5 votes. Jamie... It's likely is a different player at the moment. Hard to beat, angry and determined. He really stood up. Great to see.
Froggy and Taz - four votes each. Taz was a rock, Froggy was there all game, especially early when a lot of others weren't.
Higgs, Souva and Tarryn 1 vote each. Plenty of other could have been in here too. Souva at the end had composure. Some of the things Tarryn did were incredible.

Here's hoping we do this again sooner than later.

5 - Ben Cunnington.
4 - Todd Goldstein.
3 - Jy Simpkin.
2 - Jared Polec.
1 - Curtis Taylor.

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