MVP Votes vs Western Bulldogs - Rd3

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roo blitz

Team Captain
Mar 4, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
3 Votes to me for the day for not watching that rubbish. We are putrid. Probably worst team I have ever seen and I'm not exaggerating ONE BIT


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
3: JZ - A lot of intercepts, very safe with disposal (frustratingly so at times), and crunched a few blokes
2: Stephenson - Ran hard late in the game, 19 and 2 nothing to sneeze at.
1: Jy - Really tried but just not damaging enough with his disposal right now.

HM: Cunners, Powell, Jed, Goldy

Honestly a pretty low bar overall tonight.

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