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Ease up, dude. None of our players deserve to be spoken about like that. I know you’re always up and about after a loss, but try to display a little class. It's not that difficult.

I noted on the stats sheet after the game that Ryan had registered a DE of 82.4% (w/ 2 clangers) from his 17 disposals, which seemed slightly at odds with the s**t he was copping on here.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I took the time to go back through the replay to track his disposals one-by-one.

As follows....

.....the 'L/NL' next to each disposal refers to 'Loopy/Non-Loopy'....oh, and I didn't hit the record button until a couple of minutes into the game, so it appears I may have missed his first kick - that or the stats people messed up.....anyways....

So there you have it. (Oh, and my apologies for introducing factual accuracy into the discussion.)

Not a blemish-free ledger, but at the same time a country mile away from the ridiculously one-sided picture that's being painted by yourself and a few other posters. There were a couple of disposal hiccups early, but he was okay after that. Aside from the OOF he was solid by foot, and of his 10 handballs only a few could be rated as loopy/dubious. When held up against some of his teammates disposal efforts for the game, it rates fine. Certainly not worthy of singling the bloke out for special mention.

But then the lure of the confirmation bias siren song can be pretty hard to resist.

Again, I don't mean to let reality get in the way of a good Clarke rant, but I can easily point you to instances both in this game, and in previous matches, where he has drawn opponents.

So clearly the problem is not that he hasn't learnt to do it, as you have erroneously claimed, but that perhaps he doesn't do it enough.

Yep, like Atley's late goal, where Clarke's ability to run late in the game meant he was able to present Higgins with a running handball option through the middle before successfully linking up with Hrovat (who then handballed on to Ats for the major).

I assume this is you keeping it real again, Captain?

Nice work.

This forum would be lost without your astute, even-handed analysis.
Wat an epic slap down

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