Autopsy vs Crows - Round 9 2020

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Team Captain
Jul 19, 2020
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North Melbourne
Adelaide very ordinary but a win is a win and I'll take it.....especially by the margin.

Some very exciting moments and some shockers also.

Let's build some confidence.

The shake up in selection seems to have sent a real msg and I loved our intensity, if not always our execution.

Go North!!

Welcome back Majak!!
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Club Legend
Jun 1, 2012
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North Melbourne
From pick 2 to pick 5 yay. Thought Bryce Gibbs still had something to offer? nope finished and my god Wikipedia and the dictionary need to change the definition of flat track bully to just to a photo Aaron Hall no paragraphs more definitions just Aaron hall's photo
WTF? sh*t post after a decent win.

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Sep 24, 2018
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North Melbourne
- Great to see Majak back. Adds so much to our team.
- LMAC. Sensational from half back.
- Goldy. Absolute clinical.
- Anderson = tackle machine
- Good to have a range of different goal kickers (Mahony, Pittard, LDU)
- Good to get more games into Mahony, LDU, Larkey, McKay etc
- Hall was very good.
- Shawry dropping Polec and Brown seems justifed.
- Adelaide are no better than witches hats.

Good win and let's build on the momentum.


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Apr 8, 2010
Melbourne via Adelaide
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North Melbourne
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  • Majak! Great to have him back. The goal was a special moment. Forward, down back or in the ruck, he was influential everywhere he went.
  • Jed’s pressure. Immense tackling. So important for us.
  • Hall looked a threat every time I got his hands on the ball. Real confidence booster for him.
  • Speaking of confidence boosters, LDU did some very nice things & should only keep getting better from here. Seemed calmer under pressure with the ball in hand. Some nice little shimmies in traffic.
  • Scotty has some wheels & I love how he backs himself in to make the right decision.
  • Goldy’s clearance work?! Having a great season. Should be the AA ruck. Would be top 2 for our B&F.
  • Mahoney hit the scoreboard. Good on him.
  • Luke’s Mac! What a season he’s having. Did as he pleased today. Created a lot of half back that set up the rest of the team.
  • The Bull played with a bit of confidence & had some nice moments.
  • We kicked straight!
  • We kicked the highest score by any team for the season!
  • Thank god Taylor’s knee was alright. Looked a bit rough for a second there.
  • I’m not hating Pittard forward.
  • Larkey a pretty quiet day, but he’s always a chance at talking a grab if he’s up in the contest. Great hands on him.
  • Brown would have kicked 5 today. Adelaide woeful. I’m from Adelaide originally so this was sweet.
  • Great to see plenty of the kids getting games into them & starting to grow in confidence & gel together. There’s definitely something there. We just have to ride the bumps & nail this draft.
  • We’re a decent chance at knocking off Geelong with them coming back from WA all the way to QLD.

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