WA to host the GF?

Should WA host this years Grand Final?

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Mar 16, 2011
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When other grounds are capable of holding 100,000+ and/or there's issues with with COVID in VIC then sure, more than happy to shop it around.

Otherwise, it's staying at the MCG till that contract runs out.


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Mar 30, 2011
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Didnt Gil make it pretty clear last year that, if the GF couldnt be held at the Gabba, next preference was Adelaide?

Cant see us getting the top gig under any circumstances.
That was in 2020 when McGowan's hard border stance and rhetoric ('not chasing it') made it a lot more difficult.

It's a different year, there's vaccinations, states have more locked in procedures, there isn't one state doing all the heavy lifting this time. If it moves (which I don't think it will for previously stated reasons), WA is a near certainty to get it, especially after last weekend.

13,000 mcc members reserve a seat for $30

10,000 mcc members walk in for free on the day
Incorrect. As with every game at the MCG the MCC writes the AFL a cheque for each member who attends, the Grand Final is no different. Admittedly the cost is roughly equivalent to the cheapest seated ticket price, but that's not insubstantial. At ~$150 an MCC member attending, that's still over $3.5m in revenue, a fair bit more than the $390k you suggested.

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Apr 25, 2012
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The MCG is big. That is pretty much what it has going for it.
Big is a relic of a bygone era.
Your average Victorian traditionalist is not really up to speed on the modern world but packing them in like sardines was a twentieth century thing .In some countries you had 150,000 to 200,000 capacity stadiums back in the day of big stadiums. But the average punter now is smarter than that and expects a bit more value and comfort for their peso these days.
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Tiger Soze

Nov 17, 2019
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How is it that every AFL player wants to play in the GF at the MCG?
Is it because it is the home of football, tradition, 100k spectators
As if it would ever be played elsewhere if it is available to be played at, and nor should it be played anywhere else.


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Sep 15, 2007
I don't know
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The MCG is big. That is pretty much what it has going for it.
It’s beautiful, it’s majestic, its noisy, it has more history then any sports ground on the planet. It is the colosseum of the modern age.

even on non game days you can walk around the parklands outside in awe. Looking up at the stadium, walking past all the famous statues. Think about all the history that has occurred at this spot.

it’s Australia’s greatest wonder.

adelaide oval is nice. But its No mcg.

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