2nds WAFL Round 1, 2024: Player Video Review vs Swan Districts

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Premiership Player
Oct 13, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
#5 Josh Rotham

#8 Andrew Gaff

#23 Alex Witherden

#26 Zane Trew

#29 Clay Hall

#30 Harry Barnett
First bloody highlight on the page is Rotham with an inside out right handed handball when it clearly should have been a left handed handball. Yeo did the same thing in the Giants game with the 1-2 handball chain with Harley.

Non-preferred handballs is a bloody U10’s fundamental. WTAF is going on with our skills?

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Nothing in Gaff’s game that warrants a recall. As Townsend said there was a lot of back half stat padding between Rotham, Witherden & Gaff.

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