Autopsy Walters kicks a bag & beats Port - Rd 13

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Aunty Allikat
May 13, 2014
at the footy
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Roys, Melb Stars, Gryffindor

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 19, 2004
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Fantastic win.

And another box ticked for me. The S & C team had us flat as a tack after the bye the last two years but we were on, we finished over the top of them, so another big improvement over past years.

The improvement over the last few years and even from earlier this year actually is the most pleasing thing. We’ve made big changes to our structures, game plan and even mind set and it’s paying off.

We’re actually really enjoyable to watch at last and are winning respect around the football nation.

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Premium Gold
Apr 25, 2011
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I know we haven't exactly been the cleanest with skills. But crikey, the boys were sloppy today, didn't trust in the team with the outs and knowing the ins were undercooked.

[edit] good that they were a bit less hasty and more decisive in the 2nd half though.

A few more wins like this and they will have confidence that next in line is good enough.

Quite pleased with both Darcy, Logue and SHill's game. Sure, they need more match fitness and both Logue and SHill looked a bit bamboozled by the tempo, but that will come to them with a few games.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 15, 2007
Too far from my bed
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Took Darcy right up until the last 2-3 minutes before he looked cooked. Lycett blew up before him :)
Really stamped himself in the last. I said in the preview thread, all about the contested ball. That is where he as going to give us something if anything.

But that last quarter, wow, what a way to stand up. Exceeded my expectations by a fair bit - he wins the contested ball, and we use it half decently (we're still working on that), then his liability around the ground doesn't matter so much - and that's how it worked out in the last.

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