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Discussion in 'Collingwood' started by NT.Thunder, May 13, 2016.

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    After a number of concerns raised by several posters new and old over the last couple of weeks, the mods have decided that a different approach may be needed to ensure that the board remains a fun and engaging place for all. We understand that we, as a club and supporter base, are going through a difficult period. There has been an increasing number of reported posts and personal attacks over differing opinions and circular arguments that continue to derail threads and disrupt the board.

    From now on, those that are descending to personal attacks on individual posters will find themselves taking a day off or with an infraction without warning. The mods are dealing with an increased number of reports and instances where posters are dropping the ball and playing the man. This won't be tolerated whether the abuse is aimed towards Magpie board posters or visiting opposition teams.

    Those that also continually engage in their tit for tat posting wars, continually derailing threads, I told you so chest puffing, tagging other posters for the sake of opening old wounds or posting inflammatory posts with a view to unsettle the more level headed on here will also find themselves watching from the sidelines.

    Try and keep posts relevant to each thread. We are finding an increasing number of Buckley bashing posts and threads creeping into other areas that aren't required, please ensure you check the board, and not just the first page, for a suitable thread to post your comments before starting a new thread. Believe it or not, some people are over hearing the same old Buckley/MM/Ed comments so don't want to see this in every BF Magpies thread.

    If you do have issues with individual posters and posts, report them to mods. We can't be on the board 24/7 so we will miss sections of posts and it's very difficult to action problematic posts if we don't see them.

    Rules are posted below and I suggest you take note of any points you may have accrued already as once you've hit that magic 20 mark it's game over.

    If you do have any questions or concerns please send us through a PM and we can discuss behind the scenes. We understand that we won't please everyone, but we do need to make sure we do cater for the majority of the board.

    FYI Vicky Park@Gone Critical@Magpie Girl


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