Was Michael X also Jack the Stripper?

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Jul 15, 2020
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Jack the Stripper aka Hammersmith nude murders saw six to eight prostitutes killed in the West London area, England, between 1959 and 1965, with most murders being in the 1964-65 period.

A few pages of discussion on Casebook.org links Michael X to the case as a possible suspect. He was a Trinidad-born black activist living in the Notting Hill area during the relevant time period. He worked for slum landlord Peter Rachman. These are the days before the gentrification of Notting Hill.

Here is the link: Michael X (born Michael de Freitas) was executed in Trinidad in 1975 for the 1972 murder of Englishwoman Gail Benson. Apparently, he believed in (but didn't always practice) the belief that interracial sex between blacks and whites was wrong (a doctrine of Malcolm X). Some of the prostitutes attended black clubs or cafes in Notting Hill area in the days prior to their deaths.

Anyone got any comments or ideas on any one or both of these crimes and/or a possible link?

PS I just picked up a copy of the 1977 book False messiah: The story of Michael X for 112 pounds sterling (208 Aussie dollars) off EBay (authored by Derek Humphry and David Tindall).
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Mar 21, 2016
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When you say artist I take it you mean one who uses paint?

There were paint flecks found at the scene of 2 of the murders which were linked back to a spray shop across from a transformer of an industrial estate.

But better techniques might have been able to narrow it down

I think given the escalation it would be unlikely the person stopped unless incapable of committing more. ie dead or jail.

3 of the killed also had peripheral attachments to the Profumo Affair but I wouldnt consider that fact to be prominent. (though it does tie in neatly the Jack the Ripper theory of killing many to eliminate a few)

A few suspects named here


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