List Mgmt. Waterman or Kennedy for 2020?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 3, 2004
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West Coast
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Man Utd, Perth Glory.
Going into the finals in 2019, especially after the loss to the Hawks I don't think we will be going in as tall against our next opponent so unfortunately for Jake Waterman I think he might miss another finals series, this most likely will lead him to considering his future here at West Coast and possibly look for a move east.

Now if Josh Kennedy continues on his limited run of form 5 goals in the last 4 weeks and has a ordinary finals series, should he retire? or does he have a good pre-season in him next year to still be a 50 goal forward for us? he's contracted next year so he's well entitled to continue on.

I love J.K he's been amazing but he's definitely been out of sorts apart from those 7 against North a month back. I'd hate to lose Jake as I think he has the potential to be our next key forward after Kennedy to make a splash and I can see him doing that for say a Western Bulldogs. On the plus side I think we could get a top 20 pick for Waterman espeically for a side needing a forward with the potential Jake has.

Also we have Oscar Allen who could potentially take J.K's key forward role and is undoubtedly ahead of Jake anyway.

Finally this conversation could be moot anyway as both could be on our list in 2020.

What are everyone's thoughts?


Jun 11, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
As much as Kennedy has been the best forward we've ever had. He's a champion. He's every superlative you can think of.
I think it's time to retire
We have his replacements in Allen, waterman and darling. The games gone past him. We need to move on with youth and if nicnat is fully fit next year we can't play as many talks as we are now. It's killing our mobility around the ground.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 19, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
I think he can play on, but a full season is probably beyond him. Cut down his travel and give him the odd game off against lower placed teams too. He looks tired.

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Club Legend
Apr 20, 2013
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West Coast
For those taking pot shots at him. You did see his stats right?

20 possessions (11 marks 0 goal 2) hes got 20+ possessions twice! Oscar allens best was 15 possessions. So right now:

Waterman > Allen in FWD only role (Although I still have them neck and neck.) This is based of form not off potential. I

Just look at Watermans stats and compare them to Allens.
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Team Captain
Jun 10, 2018
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West Coast
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Tottenham Hotspur
Isn't he contracted for next year? If so, of course he will play on. It's just a matter of whether his form cam improve, he has been down lately but it might be a little early to call time on his career.

If he plays well in the finals, everyone will be back on board the JK train.

eagles rule

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 8, 2007
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West Coast
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I don`t think Kennedy is finished but WCE will need to try the replacement stategy at some point this year ..I have noticed JD has stepped up big whenever Kennedy has missed so we will be capable and dangerous if we choose to manage JK this year 2020 ..
Darling ,Allen and Waterman can work and have Ryan .Cripps, Cameron and Petrecelle buzzing around the feet ..

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