Game Day WB vs Essendon R5

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The sooner we accept our “top end” players are flakey and soft the better we will be Dale Daniel Macrae English are not good enough
Next week is Ross the Boss who has Beveridge covered as much as Chris Scott
I actually can’t believe how bad and timid English has been. It’s almost impossible to watch.
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Look at them all worship him in the crowd

If only the kids knew what this scumbag has done off the field

No role model that's for sure
Let's be honest, their club has a pretty bad record for moralities
If English thinks he is worth big coin then he is dreaming. A run of the mill ruckman would honestly do a better job. How on earth does a 50 year old Goldtlstein take him to the cleaners?

Not only is his tap work abysmal, he coukdnt catch a friggen cold. How many dropped marks can a 205cm+ tall have?

Let him go to WCE and move on. Our so called great midfield gets beaten far too many times.
Genuinely disgraceful. This was this team’s last chance to prove something has changed. No matter what performances we bring out in the following weeks, we’ll always have this performance here as a side that gives up as soon as anything goes against them.

We need a new coach and to trade out these consistent under performers asap.
Not open for further replies.

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