Autopsy We ******* did it again Richmond 2019 premiers!!!!

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Jun 3, 2009
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In 2017 i stressed the entire game, this year you could tell we were on from the first 5 minutes.

You ever heard 100 blokes break into song while waiting for a piss at 3qtr time, because i have.

The only big big sound was the giants shitting themselves.

And lastly before any flogs say this was the umpires you don't kick 1 legit goal in 3qtrs of footy then blame the umpires.

Enjoy this one tiges



Club Legend
Jun 25, 2011
Perth, WA
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East Perth
This is a message to every F***wit who thought it would be funny to send me GWS/Big Big Sound memes this week.

F*** you and your s*** attempts at making jokes.

I’m going to spend the entire off-season making sure that you learn to hate Richmond because we’re the kings of the f***ing world again. I’ll be sure to refresh your memory at any given chance that we just won the flag and you didn’t, you flog faced campaigners!

Now F*** off back to the west of the town where there’s no longer any sound, because we’ve deafened you with the sound of YELLOW AND BLACK.


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Mar 27, 2015
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One time when I was a kid I was trying to suck my own little pecker, and my mum barged into my room without knocking and saw me hunched over, mouth agape, straining and reaching with my lips for my knob but I simply could not reach it. Not flexible enough, not a big enough dong.

My mum looked at me piteously and said, ‘it’s not possible to do that. We aren’t built to enjoy paradise’.

I looked at her, embarrassed and angry, and said, ‘your wrong’.

Well, I can now say that it is possible to live I. Paradise and suck your own dick.

I’ve just sucked my own dick for three hours and I’m all out of jizz and love and joy.

Mum just called me up and said sorry for putting me off my dreams, but I said to her, ‘look, mum, it was really Richmond that sucked my dick today, but in a way you and I both sucked my dick too. We’re all giving and getting gobbies today.’

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