Certified Legendary Thread We own the Tiger train and no ticket for you

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captain blood 17

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Dec 9, 2006
In Gretas house making the world a better place.
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Aston Villa Traralgon Football Club
Righto, after my light sparring session with old mate RFC74, it got me thinking. We always hear of the bandwagoners jumping on etc, etc, but, I wanna know, who ISN'T allowed on the tiger train and state why they aren't allowed to support us for the rest of the year (or ever). I'll start:


Whipsy Watson. Get fโ€™ed, no ticket for you. All you have done all year is bag the tigers out and never given us credit. And your mischief making on the Martin saga was painful. Go shoot up some vitamin C.


Paul "the messiah" Roos. An avid Richmond hater. Bags us every chance he gets. No ticket for you ever campaigner.


Jonathan Brown. A big dumb bogan who copped too many knocks to the head. Get off my tv screen ya vb swilling buffoon. Another Richmond knocker. NO TICKET FOR YOU BOOFHEAD.

Current List:


Tim Watson
Paul Roos
Johnno Brown
Kane Cornes
Dwayne Russell
Mike Sheahan
Basil Zempilas
Mark Maclure
Gerald Healy
Gary Lyon
Kevin Sheedy
Tony Shaw
Adam Treloar
Mark Ricciuto
Campbell Brown
Helen D'amico
Curtis Deboy
Jim Kean (fat man with afro page 5)
Matthew Llyod
The Cloke Family
Brett Deledio
Tyrone Vickery
Lying "Chopsticks incident" woman
Mick Malthouse
Jarrad Waite
Melbourne FC
Focus on football Group- David Marsh, Philip Allison, Margaret Kearney, Martin Hiscock, Bruce Monteath and Bryan Wood
David "The Ox" Schwarz
Ron Barrassi
Tom Derrickx
Will Anderson
Mr Bean
Lletyon Hewitt
The Dalai Lama
The golfer Scott
Alice Cooper
Kevin Rudd
Julia Gilliard
Mike Fitzpatrick
Eric Bana
Molly Meldrum
Anyone from The Block
Elle McPherson (fu** :( )
Malcolm Turnbull
Peter Schwab
Tom Brown(e)
Wheels from Degrassi Jnr High
Matt White
Tony Lockett
Imelda Marcos
Tony Abbott
Tony Liberatore
Samuel Jackson
David Koch
Andy Maher
Sofia Vergara (that one hurt a bit)
Mack Horton - you two timing whore
Sam Lane - take your dad with you to taste and fu** off
Andre Agassi
Brent Harvey - dude defiles whales
John So
Jake "Woogie" Nial
Nick "the dick" Dal Santo
Pat Cash (a childhood idol)
Buskers in rabbit suits at the MCG
Sam Landsberger
Alan Bond
Bomber Thompson
Tom Waterhouse - those ads. still scarred by them
Chief - why bro, why?
Bernard Tomic - just go away Bernard of piss off to Eastern Europe
Gill McFloggin
Neroli Meadows
Karmicheal Hunt. fu** you you coke head.
Robbie Williams
Ray Charles - unlucky, but i need to be impartial
chickentendies - we control the train bro. Look at me. I am the captain.
Pat - that basketballer in the US
Grant Thomas - what a sanctimonious flog. Blew a flag at the saints.
Brad Johnson. Cant stand him.
Catman. No ******* way does this prick ever, ever, ever get on the train.
Chocco Williams - it's funny how he never leaves on good terms. Maybe it's you Chocco, you bitter, bitter little man.

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captain blood 17

1980 ? 2017 ? 2019 ?
Dec 9, 2006
In Gretas house making the world a better place.
AFL Club
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Aston Villa Traralgon Football Club

Good old Mike. You know when you became DTM this season Mike? When you were asked after around R7 who was the most over rated team and their position on the ladder wasn't reflective of their ability. What was your answer Mike? WHAT WAS YOUR ANSWER? I'll tell you what it was Mike. It was Richmond. And then after you wowed me with your bias, you then had a reach around with Garry Lyon over the Demons. Colour me shocked on that. Your son is a knob who needs to be taken off social media and you need to be put into a retirement home. NO TICKET FOR YOU FOOL. JACKO WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU ALL ALONG.

richo's dodgy hammy

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 25, 2007
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manchester united

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