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All Australian
May 2, 2004
Right in front of you
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Looking forward to this. I see Binge has a fair amount of David Simon's catalogue, just finished The Deuce (again), love that show & about to start Treme.!Qw582o4OeX

Treme was a fantastic series. Many highs and just as many lows. Some great performances especially by John Goodman and Khandi Alexander.
It was more of a doco on Katrina than anything else. Many of the characters were playing themselves which added to the genuine theme of the show.
In the top five for me.

BTW, Wendell Pierce made a doco on Katrina which was great viewing in itself.


Premiership Player
Jun 5, 2021
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North Melbourne
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Just watched the latest trailer and got to say I am very keen for this.


Premium Gold
Sep 21, 2005
Under the Southern Star
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Buffalo Bills
Not sure I'm buying into it. Seen it before, done better on The Wire. The Police Commander conference, Orlandos'. Tough cops beating up on innocent civilians...

Sgt Lansman who has been promoted to Police Commissioner, Poot who is now a detective in a county nearby, Marlo Stansfield plus Chris Clapton, Detective Herc as President of the Police Union plus I am sure there are others.

Certainly the GTTF was hard to realise they were cops.

The one interesting thing was the aftermath of the Freddie Gray death in Police custody and the effect on the Baltimore Police Department seems to be well portrayed.

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purple haze
Mar 2, 2007
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Liverpool, Cowboys, Peel, Packers

I haven't watched this yet, but if I hadn't come late to The Wire and known it's rep beforehand I definitely would have given it up after an ep or two due to the pace. So glad I didn't though.

I think I'll give this one a while to see whether the consensus deems it worth pushing through early on with my short attention span.


Pretty pretty goooood!
Mar 14, 2002
Gasometer Wing
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North Melbourne
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Had to break Ep 2 into two sittings and I have figured it out…when Bernthal is on screen he dominates and draws you in and when he’s not it’s boring as. In a crowded market it’s a concern.
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All Australian
Jun 17, 2007
Chirnside Park, Melbourne
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I've enjoyed this show so far. I really, really like the opening theme too

There are a couple of drawbacks though. It's obviously a very ambitious project to fit all this stuff into 6 one-hour episodes. The switching back-and-forth between timelines makes it harder to follow than it needs to be.

I also don't like that it seems like there are already 2 different characters who exist mainly to explain things to the audience. I would have preferred they use a narrator.

It's still good though, and great to see some familiar faces.


Percel doesn't like microwave meals
Feb 6, 2013
Champtown ACT
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North Melbourne
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Champtown Campaigners
Absolutely loved this, what a shitful mob they were. JB was brilliant


Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 26, 2003
Melbourne, Australia
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North Melbourne
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Southampton, San Antonio, Buffalo
I knew this was "based on a True Story", but didn't realise they used real names. Here is what the GTTF8 look like in real life:


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