Analysis We Were Port Adelaide - Facts, Statistics, and Quotes

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May 26, 2017
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Fascinating thread!

On one one hand it certainly does show how passionate we Port Members & Supporters are.

There has been poor leadership shown by this club, from Prez down to players. The hugely frustrating thing to me is the manner in which we have been ignored, and brushed aside as ignorant and inconsequential. This sort of response is scream out to be heard, and really quite understandable.

What I totally disagree with though, is how quickly posters gang together to beat up and bully any others who disagree with said viewpoints! IMO, the moment you do that you lose! Certainly you lose out on an opportunity to stop and re-access you attitudes, stance & action. You lose out on an opportunity to further express and explain your argument, and instead of further alienating those who didnt understand your view, you might win them over - Strengthening, not weakening your cause.

For this reasoning I have given a :thumbsu: to Expat power's post. Not because I agree with him, but because I want to welcome and hear other viewpoints, and any subsequent return arguments. Both to strengthen my resolve, and/or to shape my future actions. For the same reason, I also gave a :thumbsu: to Relativity's short but excellent reply!

"They will never tear us apart" because we will do it first!
It is part of the game. We are not tearing apart. We are getting more united. Disagreements are fine.

Enviable Tradition

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Oct 12, 2007
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That’s a great question. I’ve been a supporter for 45 years and a member for half as long and when people have asked why I barrack for Port my answer has always been that they’re the best club in Australia. So maybe I’d “accept failure” if I stopped believing that to be the case. I’ve always felt the clubs given me more than I’ve given them and that’s even after paying for 6 memberships a year, every year. Am I disappointed in the club right now, yep. Do I want two captains, no. Am I frustrated by our inconsistency, to the core. But I can still appreciate the things we’ve done well and I wouldn’t bag the club on Twitter and Facebook so that the bias media and opposition club supporters could use it as fodder and proof that we’re w***ers.
If the club continually make untrue statements and spin and treat the members like mushrooms...

And members call them out on it...

With whom does the blame lie?

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Feb 25, 2002
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What is this graphic trying to show.
Is the argument that Howard was pushed forward and should be played exclusively in defense, or that he hadn't grasped his opportunity.
Are the second two entries attributed to the club, or is that opinion.

(Don't take my post wrong, I'm just trying to highlight the Forward v Back issue was real, not just within the club walls)....

I ask this, because there were many outside the club that felt DH was better placed forward:

The question has returned.

Key forward or key back?

Don't tell me the coaches aren't contemplating the same quandary, as they most certainly would be.

He seems a lock to be a 200 game CHB and possible AA, but does he have more value up forward and could he really become a consistent contributor up forward at AFL level because he absolutely has all the tools?

What do people think?
Bloody hell his marking display around the ground and up forward was outstanding. Was almost as if he has glue on his hands!

That's what the forward line needs!
Every club cries out for a player like Howard up forward and we're indecisive about where he plays.

Dixon, Howard and Marshall up forward in the future is super tasty. None of them are one dimensional, none of them are slow, all of them are agile and skillful.

Put Robby, Rozzee, Butters, Sammy, Mots and/or Farrell around them and it's a real headache for our opposition.



unless Marshall becomes a behemoth and we need Dougal down back temporarily.

In 5 quarters against the crows in the last 8 weeks that Dougal has played as a forward we have kicked 21 goals 13 behinds vs 8 goals 16 behinds.

We don't need him down back. Dougal playing foward makes Dixon better. Dougal playing forward makes Westhoff better.

It's a no brainer. Keep Dougal forward!
I’d go as far as saying Marshall will never make it as a Full Forward.

Play Howard as Full Forward and Marshall should be developed as CHB, Westhoff’s replacement on the wing or Dixon’s backup at CHF.

Howard has the mongrel Marshall simply doesn’t have.
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So the poor kid should have "grasped his opportunity" by going from ruck to back to captain to forward to SANFL all in the space of 40 or so games.

Lucky Sam Gray "grasped his opportunity" after 100 games.

Lucky Neade "grasped his opportunity" after 70 games.

162 games for Sammy Neade in the space of 7 seasons (2013-2019).

Both delisted.


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Jun 14, 2017
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In the words of one of the greats of PAFC and someone who knew what was needed to make a successful club. But good luck with your meme's I'm sure you'll achieve the same.

Great point. The last 5 years never happened. All is forgiven because we are now rebuilding.
Just like going to confession in Catholicism

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