MRP / Trib. Webster KO's Simpkin - Update 7 week penalty

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Should just retire. The guy's a rubbish player anyway and nobody would miss him.

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just wondering if its judged by the incident in-game or if its just by the outcome. if it turns out Jy is forced to retire from this do you think he punishment should be more? should he be forced to retire also?

Penalty should not be based on outcome or how many previous concussions Simpkin had

In the modern game, with how the AFL want to promote protecting the head, that type of act should attract a minimum of 8 weeks if they are serious
So what is a Tony Lockett hit on Caven worth on this scale?
Something that happened 30 years ago is a meaningless comparison today, there is little similarity to the game that was played in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Players surely must know what they can and cannot do in 2024, the Saints coaching hierarchy need to have a look at themselves.
He's absolutely f*****. In a practice match, try hard jumps off the ground unprovoked and smashes his head in. 6-8 and shouldn't be allowed to walk off the ground by North if they want to stand for something
So you're upset that someone got whacked in the head - and in response you want to see someone get whacked in the head?

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6 will be the starting point. It's the exact action the AFL want out (late, there were alternatives, left the ground) and concussion is an increasingly big talking point given the litigation, so it could end up being something like 10 weeks if the AFL wanted to put an exclamation point on it.

Pretty sickening hit, and I don't know how they can defend him at the tribunal.
5. Straight to tribunal. They'll rule it a bit worse than SPP but not in the 7 - 10 week range usually reserved for intentional striking.

Webster will issue apologies and offer no defence and get 6 down to 5
In a practice match for heaven's sake - the stupidity shown by Webster here should be career limiting and it would be good for St Kilda to come out and say this is not the type of play that can be tolerated.

I see 8 weeks being the minimum viable here, six in the circumstances just doesn't cut it sorry and in clear cut incidents like this, I would also like to see red-cards issued by the score review bunker as a lot of the Rugby Union comps do now.

This was a dog act and this should be the last game he plays - full stop.

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