Welcome: 2021 Pick #6 - Josh Rachele

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Hall of Famer
Jun 7, 2011
Mount Gambier
AFL Club
It's probably worth stating before anything is agreed (as this feels unfair on my part) on that the bottom 5 teams repeating is something that has not happened in modern AFL history (and I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of those statistically anomalous things that only happens once or twice in VFL history). Especially at the most common result in the last decade has been 4 teams repeating (with 2 being the most common result overall in this period). A team has always dropped though, whether it's due to being f’ed with injuries, being mentally broken, deciding it's time to pull the pin and play the kids after a bad run of form, being horrifically mismanaged and having that come to roost or a bottom five team stepping up (ala Lions in 2019, Swans in 2021), and as always, there are plenty of candidates to be f’ed over.

I'm not betting the 5 will all remain, I'm betting that none of the other clubs that you mentioned will finish bottom 5. We on ?

Betts are off

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 28, 2016
AFL Club
Really looking forward to a few more updates on this kid.

Glad Jimmy has seemingly picked up his game this off-season, but it might all be for moot if this kid balls out!

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