Universal Love Welcome back, Brendon Bolton!

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Cyril says

Team Captain
Jun 8, 2015
AFL Club
I love Bolts. We got him to do a talk at my work not longer after he was appointed to Carlton. He was fantastic and very engaging.

Glad to have him back at our club. I know he will contribute to our next Premiership.

Nice to see some traffic from Carlton going the right way!!


Club Legend
Apr 14, 2002
AFL Club
Other Teams
Happy he's back. Twas almost too nice to be a senior coach.
Remember the happiest press conferences on the face of the earth when Clarko went into hospital.

Be interesting to see if a former Freo guy lobs as well, AC has always rated his football brain.
While still schooling him on the Gaelic tour for not being professional overall.

Hong Kong Hawk

All Australian
Aug 1, 2015
Hong Kong
AFL Club
Other Teams
West Brom
Great to have this guy back. He would have learnt a lot being a senior coach. Both he and Clarko, in the second half of the year, saw how players like to be freed up a little to just play footy and enjoy it and not be stuck in structure the whole time. They will both be better for it.
Would have been better if he had coached an actual AFL standard team, but hey, he’s welcome back to HFC anytime


Club Legend
Jun 16, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
NY Giants, Hornets, Bulls
There’s rigid structures and structures that allow freedom of expression which seem to work better
Who gets that freedom of expression at Hawthorn though? Very specific players like Sicily and really even they are just doing the role asked of them. We've played the same plan nearly all year, when we don't it's a specific plan we execute to beat a team. Clarkson gets to do that because of built up good will, he'd be sacked by Kennett if we hadn't overachieved due to his innovations in 2008.

There were elements of our rigid structure in them but I don't remember a bunch of hack older players hanging around while we rebuilt. Not wanting to trade Gibbs years ago was bemusing. Bolton was there since 2016 and they added one decent mid in all that time to Cripps and a bunch of older guys that were never that good, no kids development was stalling the problem was Silvagni was plugging up list spots with Cameron O'Shea and Aaron Mullet. No good coaches in their coaching department really, Barker is literally the only Assistant coach I've wanted to leave at Hawthorn.

I'm thrilled to get Bolts back, when he's one of the few ex Hawthorn coaches that failed, he was also one of the most hyped ones and the guy that replaced Clarko for a string of games. Great relations with everyone and a strong footy mind that will get soaked up by people who will actually listen.

Larry Barnsworth

Tiny Scotch Vovo
Mar 11, 2018
AFL Club
Glad to have him back. Most thought he was an astute choice when picked up by Carlton, before apparently finding out "He can't coach mate". A bit like another former Carlton senior coach come Hawthorn assistant.

He'll have learned plenty too. I bet he can spot dysfunction at 5000 yards these days!


Apr 19, 2006
Your local Satanist Cabal
AFL Club
Other Teams
Spurs, Socceroos
Was very valuable to Hawthorn in the past. Unfortunately his first appointment as senior coach was at a basket case. He was broken by the end and on a hiding to nothing from the beginning.

Welome back, Bolts.
Carlton are broken club internally. CEO and SOS not particularly fond of each other.

Welcome back Bolts

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Previously eldorado
Oct 18, 2003
AFL Club
Other Teams
Athletic Bilbao
There’s rigid structures and structures that allow freedom of expression which seem to work better
"Seem" is the operative word.

How we interpret our play is very much our own subjective bias at play.

When we're losing and not scoring, I might say we're not sticking to the structures. When we're winning, I might say our structures are working well. You might perceive it the way you outlined above.

In reality, though, I think the media has been very simplistic with Teague's honeymoon period; its all they can do to try to work out why they've won a few. "Umm...he must have let them play! That must be what Bolton didn't do!"


Premiership Player
May 30, 2012
AFL Club
Lol mate we play rigidly to a structure and system. It is the envy of the afl. In fact when we r on you can tell because we defend well within these structures. During our premiership year transition from attack to defense would take seconds. Our win against wce was our ability to stick to those structures

Welcome back bolts
That's such an interesting point you make mate.

I remember being able to tell within the first 5 minutes whether we'd be a chance to win or not.

Buzz Hawk

Club Legend
Jul 23, 2017
AFL Club
Great news. Bolts is a wonderful people person, perhaps unsuited to the bastardry of coaching.
Will excel in the role. The game and subsequently the management of young people is changing, Bolts suits the transition of the old into the new perfectly. A great foil to Clarko.

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