Toast Welcome back Eddie! - #Betts2020

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 1, 2005
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" He set personal bests in Adelaide’s fitness testing at the start of 2019 and believes he can still compete in the modern game despite critics of his form.

“(Teague) is part of it, David came across to the Crows and he was our forward line coach and our offensive coach and the way he really shaped our ball movement, I played my best footy under David Teague and I can’t wait to reconnect and see what he is like as a senior coach,” Betts said."

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Oct 11, 2019
AFL Club
Eddie is an absolute freak or a magician if you like on the field. Off the field he is humble, courteous and just a ripper family man. Masterful move CFC, he is sure to be a terrific role-model and friend to all our indigenous boy's in particular. What better way to bring out the very best of Jack Martin and Samo is going to love him as well. Bring on round 1, i can hardly wait.


All Australian
Aug 16, 2009
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Was pretty shattered when he left us but stoked he is finally back home. I've been impatiently waiting for the news of an official trade and it finally happened today.

Can't wait to see him tear it up in the Navy blue..or for the roar of the crowd when he puts it straight through the middle from an impossible angle

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 1, 2016
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I have, in my house, a bottle of scotch. It is, as I have labelled it, my 'end of the world' bottle.

See, while I haven't sworn off the grog, I'm certainly cutting back. I'll have a beer often, but that's a social drink for me. Scotch is something to be appreciated, something to enjoy, a drink to celebrate. You know precisely who and what you are with a good scotch. You inhale it, savour it, then you drink it.

In an ironic turn of events, Malthouse - may ruin forever follow him - was absolutely right; you do not pay that much for a small forward. He left to go to Adelaide because we refused to cough up the extra 50 thousand dollars. He never wanted to leave. And now, having fallen from their pedestal, by their own doing, by their pride and their nepotism, he made the only choice, the right choice. Reid has returned him to us, paying some of the exorbitant contract they gave to lure him from us, and I live to see Carlton reborn.

I opened that bottle tonight. Welcome back Eddie. You never should have left, and that you have returned is the culmination of this year in minute. This has been a year of precipitous lows and riotous highs, a year in which we demonstrated our growth and a year in which we observed thoroughly how far we have to go.

If the world ends, to hell with it. Eddie is back in blue.

Blues Clues

Jun 19, 2011
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I was pretty cut up when Eddie came over here to Adelaide six years ago, but since then have seen up close how much of a champion this guy really is.

Just last month he was at the Royal Adelaide Show signing his books and greeting all the kids and taking photos with each and every one of them.

My eldest is a Crows boy and has the Eddie Betts doll that he sleeps with. He cried when he first heard the news that Eddie was coming home, but in a nice turn of events he’s warming up to the Blues being his ‘equal favourite team’.

I’m pretty confident that by this time next year he’ll be #BoundByBlue thanks to Eddie Betts’ exploits.

Happy days!

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