Mod. Notice Welcome cats_09 as moderator

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Brownlow Medallist
Dec 11, 2009
a happy wanderer
AFL Club
Congrats to the newbie.

We've knocked heads from time-to-time catempire but you should be more than content with your time on the darkside;). All that can be expected from a mod is to leave the place in better nick that he/she found it and you've done that.
Cheers catempire

We had a couple of loose moments there at the end, but you were always fair. Thanks for all you did.

The rabbi

Brownlow Medallist
May 13, 2007
Geelong West
AFL Club
Other Teams
St.Albans (Geelong Football League)
What? We get paid?

Guess all my pay cheques have been lost in the mail. :(

Congratulations and welcome to the Mod Squad cats_09 and thank you for all your hard work over the last few years catempire.
I thought that you Mods got paid in human kindness, so to speak.


Jun 21, 2011
AFL Club
Two of my very fave posters over the past few years; cats_09 is an excellent appointment, very fair, mature and knowledgeable - I've seen her handle conflict with sheer class in the past, so she will be well suited to being a Geelong mod.

catempire thanks for all your work on the board during your stint, like the very best you never let your mod duties affect your posting form, which has always been to the very highest of standards.

Thanks CC, appreciate the kind words

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Max Rooke Appreciation Society
Oct 9, 2010
Los Angeles and Melbourne
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Denver Broncos, Red Bull Racing
Following the ceremony where you obtain the gold plated orb that accompanies the head mod role, will we all have to metaphorically genuflect and display renewed adoration?

Dare ya to "clip" CE's ears when the time comes.;)
nope..the same old middle finger and vitriol will suffice

Go Catters

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