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Bring back Drum

Jul 8, 2019
AFL Club
What I like about bringing in Clark & Brodie, is they’ve got a point to prove to their former clubs for not playing them. Not here just to come home or pick up a longer contract to finish off their careers, but here to say “see what you’ve missed out on!”

Clark can play, it’s up to him how much he wants it & you’d think (hope) by having the likes of Serong, Darcy & Brayshaw around him who all seem to have the right mix of dedication, commitment but also fun & enjoyment & want to be part of our first flag, he’s got some great role models.

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Emotion is not going to get the job done..
Jun 30, 2011
AFL Club
Always feel trepidation whenever we draft or sign an Albany boy that it might be a Royals player but it turns out he's Railways which, even if I'm not delirious about it, I can at least live with.


Club Legend
Nov 18, 2017
AFL Club
Clark and Walker would be the most likely candidates. You'd think we'd have traded him in to play at least some time on the wing.

Gives us a good level of responsiveness to opposition match ups if we can rotate Clark, Young, Walker and Aish across wing/half back.
I think Walker is the most likely candidate to take a half back spot, Frederick and Clark most likely for the wing.

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