Welcome Welcome National Draft Pick #13 - Jordan Gallucci

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The People's Captain
Mar 3, 2010
In the trenches.
AFL Club
From: http://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/...fl-draft-wrap-jordan-gallucci-showcases-class

Firstly, Gallucci has a masterful ability to lower his eyes, immediately find a good target over a short or medium distance and hit them by foot, lace out, where they want it. A natural right-footer, his passes by foot feel Sam Mitchell-esque. The midfielder excels in lowering his eyes, making a quick decision and hitting his intended target off one or two steps.

This ability was impressive around the ground but even more so at stoppages under pressure, when he remained composed and executed well, regardless of the pressure he was under. On several occasions from centre bounces throughout the game, Gallucci would receive the ball by hand, lower his eyes, spot a good target and hit a 15-40m kick cleanly from the stoppage, setting up a shot at goal. He just weights his passes perfectly - gently putting it out in front of his intended targets and seemingly never missing.

Gallucci's second signature play which proved every bit as eye-catching at the weekend is his ability to burst away from stoppages at speed. On several different occasions throughout the match Gallucci explosively burst away and left everyone else in his wake and would then go on to deliver a clean kick to a target up the field.

Also impressive is Gallucci's leadership. Once after an Eastern goal in the second quarter, Gallucci ran 35m to one of his team-mates to offer a hand slap of encouragement before going back to the centre for the next bounce. It's those small acts that are most appreciated and team lifting and it's terrific to see Gallucci at such a young age display that.

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