List Mgmt. Welcome pick 62 - Greg Clark

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the harry

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 25, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Not really. Clark has proven he is capable at the highest state level. He has also proven he can build up his body and endurance to a high level. All the things you hope a promising 18 year will do but it takes a lot of hard work and some luck with injury. At this stage Clark has already done the hard work, the 100s of sessions in the gym, 6 more preseasons, played in big games and won WAFL flags and ticked a lot of boxes along the way.

How many 18 yr olds have proven themselves to that degree?

The reason why he was picked so late is his age.

I was meaning funny as a good thing, not a laughable idea.
It's a great result for us


Premiership Player
Jul 26, 2020
AFL Club
West Coast
I reckon Clark can be our Jarryd Lyon. Unassuming slowish onballers, but just beasts on the inside getting first possession and tackles. You do need those types that just get the job done. Should compliment the likes of Yeo, Shuey and Kelly.
Thats what I want too or even playing that defensive role and laying blocks and creating space for other. Ultimately I'm not big on Yeo being the main battering ram cause he is equally if not more dangerous being outside.

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