Welcome Rookie Draft Pick #21 - Ben Crocker

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I'm kind of a big deal on the east side
Jul 12, 2013
Wherever the ESH clubrooms are
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Newcastle, Rockies, Oceanics
Happy with this pick, was getting games in that powerful Collingwood forward line but nudged out by some absolute guns. Look forward to him getting over here and giving it a real good crack
Yup. Both look like this, the players who got nudged. Hopefully a change of scenery gets them back on track as role players, with the at worse that it should help with SANFL.

Probably one too many but we'll see how this goes.

Mego Red

The Artist Formerly Known As Kristof
Oct 3, 2003
The East Coast
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Soft spot for Brisbane
I like it. We have some youth projects, and now we have some 22 year olds who have shown a lot but without getting opportunity. Interesting rookie strategy.

hey shorty

Jun 15, 2005
Where the Hills have eyes
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He's not AFL standard.

Be an OK SANFL player, he's essentially another Riley Knight.

Unless our aim was simply to strengthen the SANFL team for a year then this is a waste of a pick.
You never have 43 guys on a list capable of playing AFL, that's why lists are so big.

The guy is 22 years old, not like he's a 29yo delisted player from an average club.


Sack Them All
Apr 16, 2014
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But you are all so apparently eminently qualified and much more knowledgeable than those that, you know, have the actual job. ;)
I didn't say "I know better than Hamish, what a moron, this guy sucks"

I said that in my opinion I don't rate this player based on what I've seen. Or am I not allowed to share my opinion on an internet forum?

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