Rookie Welcome to Carlton Alex Mirkov - Pick 6 2021 Mid Season Draft

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Sep 26, 2004
AFL Club
Welcome Alex.

A very raw long term prospect but there's a lot to work with here.

Volleyball background and from the vision you can tell that translates onto the footy field with a great leap and soft hands. Certainly looks to know how to palm the ball down to a target.

An 18 month rookie contract is a great opportunity for him and an even better one for our development staff. Get him in the gym and when he's not there, strap him down, tape his eyes open and get him to watch hours of how the best rucks in the game move around the ground.



Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 6, 2015
AFL Club
Cheers, hadn't seen that. That makes more sense.

That gives him time to grow (for once, meant figuratively!).

Good chance he still isn't AFL ready at that point, but that's enough of a look to make an informed call on his trajectory.
FWIW - why is ferrisb always talking about “talls” and “trajectory“???

Yours in confusion...........


Premium Platinum
Aug 29, 2013
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Coburg VFL
How is Bruno Caboclo these days?

Mirkov is a Hail Mary draft pick. Obviously has the height and athleticism but has zero proven performance.

I’m happy to be wrong on this, but I doubt I will be.

So, you expected a proven champion from a rookie pick? Got It, might as well add him to the list of whipping boys already.

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Club Legend
Nov 23, 2009
In a good paddock
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Just saying - but one Justin H Madden was like a baby giraffe, played 330+ games and was 4cm shorter than Smirnov. This kid gets around the ground well, has very good physical attributes (esp in the shoulders), just needs to stop, listen and learn and we could have a bottler (Smirnov). Volleyballers, especially outside hitters and middle blockers like Alex have exceptional jumping and timing, repeat efforts, strength through the core, deft touch mixed with immense power. I’m honestly really encouraged by this pick. TDK took a bit, let’s give this kid a chance too.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 19, 2015
Gold Coast
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I expressed my (youtube recruiter) concerns about him in the main MSD thread.

However, now that he's at the club, I hope nothing but good things for the (VERY) big fella.

He's a clear example of a 'project player'. Which is fine, as long as the club doesn't turf him after six months. That would be pretty pointless.
They gave Owies what, 3 years? Before giving him a proper chance in the team. I doubt they'll cut Mirkov loose in the short term.

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