Toast Welcome to Carlton Hugh Goddard (Rookie)

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Nov 11, 2005
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question - would we have approached goddard & bugg to train with us or would their managers have sought us out?
You get the feeling that Bugg might have come into the conversation as the draft was drawing closer & the call was made to him to come & have a train with us. It probably helped that SOS would have known a fair bit about him from his GWS days.


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May 1, 2016
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Curious, when you say he "can play" what body of work are you basing that on? Because Rowe is a far superior player.
... in every way, but his age.

Gotta rip that bandaid off at some point. Still got Jones as a senior body, but it's getting to the point where Weitering/Marshbank/Macreadie need to be holding down the KPD positions themselves, without needing senior support every game. Sure, they'll get monstered by the Hawkins/Dixons of the world, but there isn't so many of them running around as there used to be, and if our midfield actually functions passably at AFL level next season they won't be stuffed from all the excess running or out of position constantly from turnovers, and so may be better able to acquit themselves.


Sep 26, 2004
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Maybe. Time will tell whether he will be a good selection.
I’m not suggesting either way, as I’ve seen nothing of him, other than the small clip posted since.

Just don’t understand the comment we should have waited until our 2nd rookie pick to take him.

We haven’t heard of him, and he hasn’t featured in phantom drafts, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t on the radar elsewhere.

Worry that we don't give our interstate scouts enough credit
We’ve been very Vic-centric the past two years, but prior to that we’ve taken plenty from elsewhere.

I don’t really care where they come from.

Although, just because we rated where we took him, doesn't mean he wouldn't have been available in the rookie draft
Sure, but if he’s best available at our pick, why take the risk?

Especially if there’s a fair gap between him and the next best.

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Jun 4, 2006
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12 in total
never got around to thanking you for this, dookster - also I'm trawling 3 pages back seeking relevant input - so, 12 lefties, quite a politburo


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Sep 15, 2004
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Curious, when you say he "can play" what body of work are you basing that on? Because Rowe is a far superior player.
I’m only going by his VFL formline, but Goddard’s last month in the VFL was excellent. When I saw him earlier in the season, he was playing more of a lockdown defensive role on his opponent and then later on in the last month or so of the season, he was a bit further up the ground zoning off and intercept marking/spoiling everything. If you saw Weitering’s game against Frankston or Aaron Francis at any stage of the season, Goddard was just as good as those two. Athletically he’s no Jones (this is my concern with Goddard), but if you remember the way first gamer Hammelberg got around Rowe in that Adelaide debacle in the last game of the year, there’s no way Goddard couldn’t have stopped that.


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Sep 11, 2016
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Some interesting opinions floating around about big Hugh. However, there is certainly a reason Carlton couldn’t make this selection quick enough!

Go back a couple of years (to the beginning of 2016) and Goddard's biggest issue was that he put on too much size too quickly (we have a habit of doing this with young talls - Paddy, Hugh, Billy, Lewy - and limiting their ability to run). Going into his second season Hugh just needed to build his speed and endurance (and to drop some size to assist his agility). Then he snapped his achilles (which I am sure is totally unrelated to a teenager putting on large amounts of muscle then trying to play modern afl). Since then he has had a series of leg / foot injuries that have prevented him getting the conditioning he needs.

Towards the end of the year (2018) Hugh was finally starting to get some match fitness and mobility back. 2018 was always about just getting him playing consistently, and the results at the end of the year spoke for themselves.

RD 19 vs Casey he spent most of the game on Weideman (yes the same top 10 pick being talked up as the great white hope of Melbourne).

Hugh had 14 marks (more than half intercepts) and 22 touches. Was named BOG in a team that was comprehensively beaten. Casey had 55 inside 50s and about 15 more shots. Weideman had 5 marks and 2 goals. Yes Weid spent a few minutes a quarter rucking, but according to a few I know at the game Goddard had his measure all day (missed that game sadly but can tell you he had been building to that performance for a few weeks prior).

Following week he played seniors (a form related selection, which is unusual at St.Kilda lately). Yes he looked off the speed, but that was his first game back in nearly 2 years. This board piled onto the kid immediately. Meanwhile our seconds got thumped by Carltons reserves without him (yes that is how bad we are tracking). Given the following week was the last round (and we were out of finals contention) you would think we might take another look before delisting? But no, we dropped him

Went back to VFL for the last round and had 19 touches 8 marks. Along with Coff was the only Saints player that could really hold his head up as we got thumped by Collingwood. But it was the Magpies smalls that did the damage. Given the amount of ball coming into the backline he held up alright.

I would guess that most of the comments you will see on here are based on people that saw his one afl game in 2018 and one in 2016. Almost all will take pot-shots at his mobility / endurance in some way. Remember though, the kid has only just turned 22 and this will be his first real preseason.

In short he needs at least another 6-12 months of conditioning before you see any real results (don’t expect miracles as talls take longer, and given his history he may take longer than most). But if your conditioning staff get him right (and less top heavy) he is a gem of a footballer. Has great hands and has come on leaps and bounds at reading the play (12 months shadowing Jake Carlisle will do that for you). Should be no doubts about his ability, its all about whether you can get him fit and running.

Would have delisted at least half a dozen other Saints before him, and was gutted to see him go. He is a ripping character and wish him all the best with you
After a few mixed opinions of Hugh on the Saints board, it looks like there is definitely plenty of love for him (as quoted). Absolutely rapt for him to get a second chance and hope that he can become a fan favourite with us. Best of luck Hugh!

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