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Sep 19, 2019
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New poster, so go gentle. Have see Martin a lot in Qld. Played a lot of good games as a forward who never got the ball delivered to him. Never really given enough space to show the skills he undoubtedly has, especially when Lynch was there as they targeted Lynch and Martin did a lot of good things at his feet. Will definitely like the bigger grounds in Melbourne. I think he will be a star.
Welcome BB. Nice start to proceedings.


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Dec 12, 2008
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I agree they paid a lot, but that was not the original point of discussion.

Shiel has been a terrific footballer for years now and the disgusting jumper he now wears doesn't change that fact. He has deficiencies in his game, his kicking can be very poor, but some of the best players in the game have very similar issues. Fyfe is a poor kick, as is Dangerfield, yet they are among the best in the game.

Many in the Richmond side aren't particularly good kicks, same for West Coast, same for most premiership sides.
I disagree.

Whilst I think Dangerfield is one of the most overrated players that has ever played the game, he has other tricks up his sleeve that gets people to continuously ignore his terrible disposal. Danger has never won a flag I might add

Fyfe has an amazing arsenal and his kicking is no where near as bad as Shiel. Fyfe can play everywhere and he is simply quite a few levels better than Shiel.

I would say the gun Tigers and Eagles players, all share the same ability to be able to dispose of the ball.



When it comes to Shiel, he is their premium player, who has the trick of being able to keep running, has speed and finding the ball. But he does not have enough trick that masks his terrible kicking and hence if you have a player like Shiel eating your cap and setting a side around them, that is not a premiership winning team.

I was really disappointed he chose them, but could not be happier right now.

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