Universal Love Welcome to Carlton Josh Honey

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Faz 2000

Norm Smith Medallist
May 10, 2007
Under the table
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Pittsburgh Penguins
Looks like we're going boom-or-bust in the rookie draft. Fair enough!

Certainly seems to have some athletic gifts, this guy. Hopefully things click and he can do some damage.


BLUE it's the Magic Number
Apr 13, 2008
So Frang
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The Anti-Theists
I was coached by his uncle in long jump as a kid, I wasn’t just going to comb over this opportunity.
Looks like he’s got a trick or two.
I don’t think his Unc thought the same of me, but I qualified for a few state champs and almost snared one.
A toast to our newest.
Puns are done.....

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