Universal Love Welcome to Carlton Josh Honey

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Sep 8, 2018
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Here you go The Bighouse:

I like the pick. For mine he’s as a rookie pick should be. A player with a really large possible upside but has slipped due to significant deficiencies. The question will be can he solve them such that the upside is amplified.

Let’s do the negatives first. His awareness and hands are both pretty ordinary for mine. He often handballs to no one or the opposition. His decision making is very hit and miss. First touch isn’t good. These are not deficiencies I personally like seeing for they are pretty hard to iron out. I don’t know anything about him but he looks like he hasn’t played a lot of footy. But no doubt that’s wrong.

His upside may be worth it. He’s very powerful. He will win a lot of one on ones just by holding his feet / ground better than his opponent. He’s truly explosive. Breaks tackles. Stands up in tackles. His kicking seems technically good (when he makes the right decision).

I can see him being a very effective forward. Deep forward. He’s very dangerous with time to gather the ball forward of Centre. He will gobble loose balls and kick goals. Probably at any level. He should be able to apply a lot of pressure but I haven’t seen it. Looks like they tried to play him up the ground a bit but I don’t think that’s his go. He doesn’t convince me he has much idea about what’s going on around him. Not are his hands below knees good enough to spend a lot of time in traffic.

I don’t mean to sound like a downer but overall I’d say he’s a lowish probability of making it. A chance. Just not super high. Hence why the rookie I guess. I’m happy with the pick. I’m happier he’s on a one year contract and we backed Ramsay who is a lot more convincing for mine. He’s a much better chance if he can clean up the composure and apply more pressure. Fingers crossed.


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Sep 26, 2004
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Did you end up writing more here J? Would be interested to hear your reasons for being pretty happy about this one...
I didn't, but I've posted a lot about him over the past fortnight.

windows1 gave a very good description above, but I'm a little more optimistic about Josh than he seems to be.

He's very inconsistent at this stage. His worst is awful but his best is simply electrifying. Has certain areas he really needs to work on but I think he brings a lot to the table already.

Iron out the deficiencies and I think he's got a serious chance of being a good footballer at AFL level. But as a rookie he may only have one year to do it, so it'll be very interesting to see where we play him, and what kind of progress he makes over the next 10 months.

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