Toast Welcome to Carlton Marc Pittonet

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Coona Blues

Director of Coaching
Nov 3, 2011
AFL Club
Welcome Marc.

Think SOS and co. a bit peeved that Phillips pulled the pin following all of the work put in to getting his soft tissue issues sorted. Multiple overseas trips and the advent of Jack Russell seemed to have turned it around, with a much more solid season after delays to his pre season.

Can't help but feel we have fallen on our feet though. Pittonet 5 years younger, still developing, but match ready and dominant at the lower level. Gives us a perfect list management progression. Kreuze with a year or two (outside chance of 3) to go. Young tyro TDK sure to be on the fast track to establish himself as numero uno. Pittonet provides genuine competition for TDK, which should bring oout the best in both. With Levi reportedly staying for a year or two, gives us
that fall back should injury curses hit.

Expecting a youngster to be drafted next year, many here are aware of who I allude to as the most likely target.

We are now set for an extended period.

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Keep trying ...... SON
Dec 28, 2007
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Richmond 2019 Premiers
Good get for a nothing pick and is the right age to improve and a good size

Played well in the VFL and hope it translates to AFL at a new club with a sniff of taking the #1 Ruck role in 1-2 years

well done and good backup

The Smoking Gun

Club Legend
Feb 1, 2015
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Pleased to see SOS and Agresta finally address our ruck division, which I consider to be our achilles heal. We have a once-in-a-generation mid in Cripps and potentially another in Walsh without a quality ruckman to give them a regular first look at the ball around the stoppages. I'd expect Pittonet to be our No.1 Ruck by the end of the next season. I'd like to see us get another at the draft.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 26, 2001
AFL Club
You've done very well here. Genuinely sad to see him go so cheaply.

Very good tap ruck - struggles to read the ball in flight - is not a marking option around the ground.

Dominates around the ground stoppages at VFL level, probably equal or better than Ceglar at ruckwork - makes him comfortably capable as #2, even competing for #1 at some clubs.

Has the good "clumsy" that all the best big blokes have. Pointy elbows and knees, likes a good block, loves a hard tackle. Get's his knees dirty and is surprisingly good at feeding the ball out of congestion.

Doesn't find space well, not a great mover, doesn't have a great kick, isn't a great mark, some questions on stamina but IMO like McEvoy just goes at 3/4 pace all day.


Club Legend
Sep 15, 2007
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Phillips was serviceable but if this guy even breaks even on his ability the we have basically traded sideways for a player 5 years his junior. Hawks are no numpty club either he will be well drilled. Puts a bit of competition on down for spots with TDK in that age demographic as Kreuzer moves into his twilight years. Pinching 2nd and 3rd string ruckman is where it's at... not much point drafting them anymore, certainly not in the first few rounds anyway. Good move and good luck to him. Look forward to seeing what he brings and Andrew Russell will no doubt be familiar with him too over 4 seasons so certainly a head start there too.

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