Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood IMOGEN BARNETT

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Apr 25, 2021
AFL Club
Dave....maybe check the spelling!

Great addition. Feel its a reward for effort more so than a list need (not a bad thing).
Sends an awesome message to those in the VFLW team that the AFLW are not afraid to draft locally!

Congrats Imogen. Welcome aboard.
Having a year with Sophie A and Chloe will hopefully see you hit the ground running.

Get at it and bring the traits that you have in VFLW to the AFLW system!
Looking forward to seeing what you can bring!

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Dead Eye Didak

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 8, 2007
Point Cook
AFL Club
Other Teams
Great to see the Pies take a player from our VFL side. Surprised we don't draft more from our VFL side considering the talent in the team, that seems to be unbeatable....

Congrats to Imogen on her selection, and hope she is successful at the next level...

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