Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Nick Daicos

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Premium Platinum
Oct 18, 2009
Mornington Peninsula
AFL Club
Suffice to say with 55-metre efforts on goal, Daicos has no trouble executing his skills and penetrating by foot. A slight knock on him is his tendency to air his kicks on the run, inviting pressure on the receiver or allowing opposition defenders more time to intercept. He often makes the right decision, but some argue that a prospect like Jason Horne-Francis is more damaging per possession, despite accumulating less across a single outing. A fair assessment. While he has an abundance of strengths, there are a few more improvement areas to nitpick with Daicos - as is often the case with the very best prospects.

You agree with that about Daicos?


Daicos Torpedo

All Australian
Feb 13, 2017
AFL Club
A Hine special. Biggest roughy since Phil Inn and Shannon Cox...
Daicos is my all time favourite player. As mentioned if Nick is 80% As good as Peter we have an absolute champion. If equal or better then strap in!

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