Toast Welcome to Freo: Dillon O'Reilly

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Jun 21, 2013
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Who’s our key defenders after Hamling, Pearce and Logue? I still reckon the long term plan is for all to be best 22. We have Cox we can swing back but it’s not ideal if he’s already in the side as a forward.

Nothing to do with up forward imo. Alex Pearce had played about as much defence before he was drafted than O’Reilly has.

More to do with us not rating Kersten as an out and out key defender imo.
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Jun 17, 2007
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Knightmare went as far as suggesting (on twitter) that we drafted O'reilly because we don't think McCarthy has a future.
LOL - he has no idea, and is clearly picking on Freo as an easy target. O'Reilly will not be playing a game this year, and it is a wait and see thing - McCarthy is a unique member of our team, and he is fringe for a reason, so is O'Reilly meant to replace him in the two's? Well thought out.

It is rubbish IMO. McCarthy will stay on our list on talent alone. You have a guy coming from seconds in state league, and a guy that came from a team going for finals that they did not want to let go fact they wanted 2 first round "real" draft picks. They rated him, we rate him - he has had issues, and has to work through.

Yeah Knightmare....nah you are so far off the mark... we want McCarthy to have a long future at Freo. He is close to our best kick, and he has shown enough. Next will be "O'Reilly was drafted to replace Hogan and McCarthy, and do the ruckwork occasionally".

It is a free hit for a KPP player that they can have a close look at and see if he is worth persisting with. Clearly, if Sutcliffe is getting drafted it is fairly slim pickings. I can guarantee that if McCarthy was available he would have gone number 1 in the mid draft without question.
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