Toast Welcome To Freo Jack Delean (pick 60 2023 AFL Draft)

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A forward!!!


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Jack Delean
Height: 181cm
Weight: 77kg
Position: Half Forward / Midfielder

What do I like about the player? Skillful, smart player who works hard, tackles well and kicks goals; kicking 53 from 20 games at all levels. I like his kicking both in terms of kicking for goals (accuracy and depth) and disposing to others, and his positioning and timing makes up a bit for being only an average speed player.

What are the weaknesses? I guess the main query is whether he has the speed to play as a small forward at AFL level? And if not whether he can make it further up the ground?

"Delean kicks goals. When it comes down to his performances over the past three years, the South Australian jack-in-the-box has shown a propensity to just keep hitting the scoreboard and kicking goals. He had two four-goal games in South Australia's under-18 championships, but has been doing it for years – he's kicked 43 goals this season at different levels for South Adelaide, he kicked 28 goals last year as a bottom-ager and as a 16-year-old he kicked 35 in 13 games in the under-18s side. As a smaller forward he flies for his marks and at ground level can create a chance from nothing."

Averaged 1.9 goals per game over the last year, and kicked two in a grand final..

At pick 60, this guy's a f***ing steal!!

Huuuuuuuge welcome to Freo Jack! Goal kickers are always welcome here. 😁😁😁
tRuCK yEAh!!! he is the player I wanted most in the draft!
I have absolutely no idea about this draft but I tuned into the draft at 4pm and they showed a highlight reel for this dude and twomey said he kicks goals and I was like, THATSOURMAN!
haven’t been this stoked since we drafted Shawn darcey so I must be right WaOOT!!!

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