Universal Love Welcome to Freo- Josh Treacy

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freo for life

Senior List
Mar 22, 2015
AFL Club
Massive news , our rd 3 forward line could look much stronger.
with the possibility of Walters and Sturt to return .

Schultz Darcy/ Meek Treacy
Walters Tabs Sturt

Bench : Switta

I would play Treacy as the 3rd tall to get the 3rd best defender.

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Johnny Dalmas

Club Legend
Oct 16, 2015
AFL Club
Question for the contracting experts on here.
Josh is on a one year rookie contract. What happens if he comes out at AFL level and kicks a few bags and is clearly at the required level. We will want to tie him in longer term ASAP.
Can we extend his contract now? Add him to the main list? Could he theoretically walk for free to another club at the end of the season? Because he’s a rookie?
We can promote him to the senior list using our last draft pick


Mar 4, 2016
AFL Club
WAFL are going to be really dirty on this. Damn Fremantle going over our heads to AFL. Bad luck to be next freo player at peel to get reported. Keep Josh away from any WAFL games.


Club Legend
Sep 27, 2018
AFL Club
Other Teams
brisbane lions
Like that first bowl of hot soup after days of starvation... yes it's learned helplessness but that doesn't make it taste any less sweet.
man, i had something like that once (food ran low). except i got to the supermarket purchased a cooked chook. i never made it to the car. devoured it in the car park like a feral.
In before he whacks someone in round 3 and misses round 4 and 5.

Pav jnrs now belong to Gold Coast.
oh no, thats not right. ready the pitch-forks, we march to war at dawn. (ps does anyone have a pitch-fork i can borrow).

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