Toast Welcome to Freo Jye Amiss!!! (pick 8 2021 AFL Draft)

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Oct 11, 2004
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I'm delighted apart from the next ten years of Huddo and every second washed up ex player thinking they're ******* hilarious by making a joke out of his name when he kicks a point. That'll be funny for about five minutes
But he looks like he won't kick many points, so the joke's on them
They will also be making 3 times as many bad name jokes when he kicks goals.

Bring back Drum

Jul 8, 2019
AFL Club
AFL footy will suit Jye, his leading patterns are the best I’ve seen for a kid of his age & if we can move the ball better (quicker) through the middle, defenders will sh*t themselves going 1v1 with him.
Discount his last month of footy, he was knackered physically & mentally & once he’s settled in will thrive as he hasn’t had the structured training others at this level have had.
One final point, he is an absolute ripper of a kid with a team first mentality, the comparison to Kennedy is definitely apt.
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