Toast Welcome to Freo Michael Frederick – Fremantle’s 4th 2019 National Draft Pick [Pick #61]

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kp junior

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Nov 3, 2005
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There's a lot of reasons to temper our expectations, but my god, if he can run, evade and kick like that then he's absolutely worth a speculative pick.

On one hand, I remember watching Crowden's highlight's package and was certain he'd be a great player, but that was without considering the importance of decision making under pressure and general 'game intelligence'.... yet, Frederick's package is at least 10x better than Giro's and he's had multiple AFL games.

I'm super excited though
Giro is an endurance jet and a ball magnet so not really made for highlights reels

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Sep 21, 2010
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Love a pick like this at 61. Has some tools to work with.

Moves like an AFL player.

Love the passage where he wins it at half back, busts his backside off, receives handball just forward of the wing and still has the agility to side step his opponent.

Clearly must have his deficiencies but the highlight package showed lots of class.
That play was outstanding

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Nov 9, 2001
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CBC Old Collegian. Who wear purple and white. Interesting to see the vertical stripes in purple and white.

I went from saying "Min-who-ro??!!" to "Fnnnggg" in 6 minutes flat, but the usual caveats apply.

I know he's playing against kids but he is lowering the eyes and hitting leading targets sweet on the teat, at pace. That stirs my blood in an unusual manner.


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Mar 25, 2014
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Speaking of which. Whoever it is with the curse where they pick a player, they then become completely sh*t and we delist them. Can that person not pick any of our new draftees please? Actually fu** that - Mods can you just assign anyone with the finger of death, to be Trav Colyer's buddy?
Yeah mate. Checking in.


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Sep 25, 2018
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Nobody wants to hear about a players weaknesses.

Realistically, he was one of the last picks taken and the odds are against him. Basically all of SA's best prospects played either in reserves or league level at SANFL - the only other player drafted who played primarily U18s was Josh Morris, and he was a teammate of Frederick. So really, he played against nobody of draft quality. Who knows how he'll handle the significant step up in quality and physicality.

But it's all about his highlights. And if he had his growth spurt last year, maybe he wouldn't have been available to us last night.
The growth spurt is a huge factor in how he went from being off the radar to all of a sudden being draftable.

As well as how he's viewed by clubs etc, his physical stature could have had a big impact on how he viewed himself and the confidence he took into games at higher levels. Physically feeling you can match it can build more confidence and with that confidence all of a sudden you're imposing yourself on the game more, making better decisions and nailing your skills more often.

Some really good signs are the way he has a habit of nailing those kicks on the point, regardless of the pressure or work he's done immediately beforehand. His goal sense is really apparent in those highlights and where he does the quick gather and immediately slots it or dodges and weaves looking for options and then just decides "I guess I'll just have to nail it myself".

Still a lot of uncertainty on getting there, but definitely a fair bit of Harley circa 2012-2015 in the way he plays.

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Jun 22, 2010
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Watched his highlights and was just amazed at how instinctive and quick his decision making was, often multiple decisions one after the other in a very short time frame (balk, evade, sidestep, accelerate, kick a goal = all in the space of 5 seconds). Reckon he's gonna make it to AFL level because of this, it's just not a skill that can be taught. Note I said make it, not succeed, that will all depend on how hard he is prepared to work and learn.

Come to think of it, all of our national draftees seem to have the instinct/decision-making skill in spades - Henry, Serong, Young all very quick to think and dispose of all the ball to advantage too. Exciting times ahead.

PS he seriously reminds me of BHill the way he moves and kicks, very smooth


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Oct 18, 2013
Perth WA
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Smart footballer.
Positioning & work rate around the contest was spot on, willingness to work defensively when on the wing was good to see & then the run forward through the middle to link up reminded me of a bloke who used to play for us but went to the Saints.
Doesn’t matter who the opposition is in those highlights, he’s got the attributes to be a star.
Yeah well spotted - its his F50 entires that get me excited too.

On several occasions he's making a snap kick into the forward line after the briefest of glances up-field, but he still hits the leading forward on the sternum. Other times he kicks clearly to the forwards advantage and away from the trailing defender. When he's inside the f50 however (like that beautiful spin move on the boundary) he goes for the first marking option and finds him.

At one point he gathers the ball on the boundary and there's nothing happening down the line and he has space to run into. But rather than Michael burn his man off with straight line-sped (as Ed was prone to do) he immediately cuts inboard instead... which means the forwards can lead at him running up the field directly away from goal, as opposed to them having to lead deeper into the pocket, narrowing their kicking angle.

Gotta love a winger who makes the forwards job easier on pure instinct.


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May 3, 2007
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the last Woodville West torrens player we got in the 4th round was in 2011. That was cam sutcliffe at pick 71.

I can see Minairo Frederick be a solid 10 year player with us

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