Toast Welcome to GWS - Pick #18 2020 National Draft - Ryan Angwin (Gippsland Power)

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Capture - Ryan.PNG

The details:

Name: Ryan Angwin
Position: Defender
Drafted from: Gippsland Power, NAB League / Foster
Height: 184cm
Weight: 74kg
DOB: 12/12/02

Left footed medium forward/defender with silky skills and a high footy IQ. He knows how to find space and is a composed decision maker who is creative with the ball in hand. Good athlete with his agility (8.42 seconds-AFL Agility run) and endurance (6 minutes 12 seconds for 2km) both very good in preseason testing. Played 11 games as a bottom ager averaging 11.5 possessions (5.5 contested) and looked set for a big 2020 before shutdown of NAB League. Able to train with and learn from Port Adelaide’s Xavier Duursma, also from Foster, when the AFL competition was suspended making the most of the circumstances.

Ryan is a baby who is only turning 18 this week. We were looking to add a player who can fill some outside roles with elite running ability, and he was the standout in that area of the draft. While he has a slight frame, we believe his footy fundamentals are strong. - National Recruiting Manager Adrian Caruso

Certainly an early - and risky - selection here. A Tom Scully or Xavier Duursma type, with potential to fill a wing role or perhaps Zac Williams rebounding defender role, but will certainly take some time to develop.

Welcome to GWS, Ryan.

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GWS Goose

Brownlow Medallist
Nov 14, 2011
Emu Plains
AFL Club
I stumbled across something about this kid that I can no longer find.
Basically it was a few very bullish statements in whoever this guy was opinion that despite being considered a bit of a bolter, was a very good selection, said something along the lines that had they have played in 2020 he would have been considered a consensus first round selection.

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