Toast Welcome to GWS - Pick #59 2020 National Draft - Jacob Wehr (Woodville-West Torrens)

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Capture - Jacob.PNG

The details:

Name: Jacob Wehr
Position: Running defender
Drafted from: Woodville-West Torrens
Height: 184cm
Weight: 71kg
DOB: 5/7/1998

Jacob Wehr is a late-blooming running-defender who was part of Woodville-West Torrens premiership-winning SANFL side in 2020. He’s a classy left foot line-breaker who was one of the Eagles’ prime ball users this year, renowned for pinpoint accuracy and clean possessions by both hand and foot. Wehr only made his senior debut in the middle of this season and went on to play an important role in the final 14 games of the year which saw the 22-year old rocket into draft contention.

Jacob had a strong year in the SANFL across half-back and was part of the premiership-winning Eagles team. He is a strong runner and nice left-foot kick and gives some flexibility to push up onto the wing. - National recruiting manager Adrian Caruso

Seems like a third option who is capable of taking Zac Williams' place on half-back.

Welcome to GWS, Jacob.

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Orange Agent

Premiership Player
Oct 12, 2016
AFL Club
I think he'll play rd1. Bit of an Isaac Smith type and most importantly was taking kickouts at WWT which we have a pressing vacancy for.


Sep 14, 2006
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
GWS; CCMariners; NQCowboys; Ravens
The lesser players regularly show a greater level of gratefulness and inspiration, don't they?
The higher ranked players know they're getting drafted, so their focus is on where they might go. So if they support a club and like the setup of a couple of others, there's only a 1 in 18 up to 1 in 6 chance that they're over the moon once drafted.

The guys who may or may not get drafted are 100% over the moon once drafted because they've already won in their minds.

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