Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn, Chad Wingard

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Oct 16, 2018
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I still can’t believe that some people questioned Chad’s character based on the evidence we have. If anyone wants to have a giggle then go and look at his instagram story, you’ll get a good insight into the person he is too.

The rumour mongers are becoming awfully silent now... Chad will force them to eat their words in due time.


Premiership Player
May 17, 2017
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Played a great game, he must of been seriously annoyed that he didn’t convert those three points

Looking forward to him getting better and better and sending the middle finger to Cornes and Tredrea
If he's 100% those are goals. That's why it's exciting. He's a bloke with that 25-30 disposal 2-3 goal potential.


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Apr 14, 2002
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Just got to see the last quarter and a bit on TV for the first time.
He was far better than I thought. Has a unique ability like Conor Nash (who only with handballing, hopefully only at this stage and he will kick also like Chad) to know where he is putting the ball before he gets it and then not missing the football. Hodge had that.

Other great players with ball disposal finding free ppl such as Mitchell or Sicily have a great ability to know how to buy time without getting tackled so then put it where they need it to be.

Both at the end of the day are equal skills in some ways... and 90% of footballers don't have either at this level, As they achieve the same thing but it was much more noticeable on TV that at a game with Chad he knew where he was going. I will say you can't necessarily see the far side of the contest. When it 's a pack, I've said this before when your happily in standing room at the G. On TV you can see on top of the contest so you can see everything. He looked far better on TV.

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