Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn, Chad Wingard

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Sep 26, 2015
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Gotta say he looks happy with us. Constant footage of him bantering and joking around with the lads. Get the feeling his team mates like him and I didn't get that vibe at Port.

He even felt comfortable enough to give Smith the old John hopaoate in the huddle

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I had a laugh when he did that. Wasn’t it to the player on his opposite side as well?


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Feb 11, 2004
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Gee we do angst well

The debate about who wins a trade, or who is a better player, is generally subjective with little or no definitive outcome.
That however should never stop us from indulging in the sport.
Even the "I was right I win" attitude can work when applied to a minimal sample size (ie one action, one quarter, one game)

As each week goes by I've seen things from Wingard that I never noticed (when he was playing for Port)
I'll be the first to admit that he's a lot better player than I ever thought.
(Which probably reflects my Hawthorn bias)
The anger and angst has it's place but I reckon finding out just where his ceiling lies is going to be a hell of a lot more fun


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Apr 6, 2010
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The s.a footy environment is toxic, a lot of players do well once they get out.

It is no suprise that a freakishly talented footballer is doing well is a good environment with team mates he gets a long with.

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Feb 23, 2008
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If you want some good reading, check the Port general chat thread. I like seeing them talk fondly of Chad and how good he is going :)
The vast majority of us don't blame Chad for leaving, we blame the absolute muppets running the show at the moment for pressuring him out. Hopefully a fair few of them will be sacked by this time tomorrow.

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