Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn, Dylan Moore, pick #67 2017

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 21, 2014
AFL Club
Dylan attended Caulfield grammar and heard his school coach talk on SEN late last year/early this year, can’t exactly remember when. However he said that he was surprised that Jack Higgins (who also attended Caufield Grammar) went before Dylan Moore in the 2017 draft given the character and leadership qualities of Dylan. Hope his judgement shines through long term!

PS Go and show this on the Tigers board they would go bananas
Jack Higgins attended school?


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 17, 2008
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Why not develop him into a specialist small forward, let the bigger bodied blokes go midfield. He knows where the goals are,and is exceptional overhead for his size. When poppy retires Dylan is the ideal replacement.
Because acceration and top end speed matter more in the small forward role. You have to close down space and tackle quickly. He was a big ball winner at under 18 level and has good endurance so I’d expect we want to take advantage of that long term with him.

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 5, 2007
Gippsland, Victoria
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Injured at the wrong time, as was starting to do ok at the level and looked more settled. Strange it's only a 1yr extension, seems one party (or both) is just holding their cards a little to the chest to see how it all plays out next year.
Hopefully he can have a big summer and get a consistant run in the ones next year. Not sure where he fits yet, but hopefully he can find himself a spot and grab it with both hands.


Premium Gold
Mar 17, 2011
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Everton, Denver Broncos
Fair play to the kid and I really hope he makes it, but he does seem to lack *something*. The games I've seen him play his decision making (which to be fair can be improved through experience) seems off.

This sounds strange, but I also think his running style is bizarre. He looks like he's running on the spot.


Team Captain
Sep 22, 2008
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Liverpool FC
Give him a chance, 2nd year player in the top 3 runners on the list. Has a footy brain too which makes him a soldier to be relied upon as the game gets faster and rotations go down
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All Australian
Aug 30, 2009
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Storm, Utah Jazz, West Ham
One year is fair at this point as he could be either a stud or a dud. He along with Cousins and Jiath are the three I'm most intrigued with as to what there futures could entertain. All have their strong points but glaring needs to improve on the other facets of the game. Good character is one thing that they aren't missing which is a head start. Quietly confident that we have a great footballer or two in this bunch for the future.


Brownlow Medallist
Nov 18, 2013
AFL Club
I think he has shown his best in the forward pocket role but his tank gives him the ability to play on the wing.

Hawks are looking for more speed up forward though, not sure where that leaves Moore.
Seems a very smart, and tidy footballer. Very good above his head, especially for his height. Not sure what other tricks he has though. If he wants a spot in the 22, he's going to have to nail down a position

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